Pallet racking projects at Maersk Logistic Vietnam warehouse

Dự án kệ kho ở nhà kho Maersk Logistic Việt Nam

A.P. Moller–Maersk Group (also known as simply Maersk) is an international business group operating in many fields, mainly marine transportation, offshore drilling and oil exploitation, and sales retail consumer goods. In 1991, the Maersk representative office was established in Ho Chi Minh City under the investment name of Maersk Singapore Company. After 15 years of operation, in 2005, Maersk successfully acquired the British shipping company P&O Nedlloyd and became the third company in Vietnam in the field of Shipping. In Vietnam, Maersk operates mainly in two areas: transporting goods by containers and providing logistics services. In Maersk’s upcoming business strategies, we can see more clearly Maersk’s ambitions in logistics, focusing on developing and expanding the portfolio of logistics services.

As a strategic partner in supplying the racking system of Maersk Logistic Vietnam, Tin Dat JSC always gives you the most suitable warehouse solutions for the warehouse space and business characteristics of the goods. Tin Dat JSC always relies on the space of the warehouse, the business characteristics of the goods to provide you with effective storage solutions. Not only the purpose is to put the goods on the pallet racking, but we also want to bring to customers a warehouse racking solution that promotes the efficiency of warehouse operations, reducing costs per pallet position. Below is the picture of the installation of Tin Dat’s warehouse shelf in Maersk warehouse:

Project information:

  • Partner: Maersk Vietnam Ltd
  • Number of pallet positions: 5400 (stage 1)

Images of the project:

Biển báo tải trọng trong nhà kho chứa hàng của Maersk

Load signs in Maersk’s warehouse

Hình ảnh kệ chứa hàng nhà kho chứa hàng của Maersk

Pictures of Maersk warehouse

Hình ảnh kệ chứa hàng nhà kho chứa hàng của Maersk

Pictures of Maersk warehouse

Hình ảnh thử tải kệ chứa hàng nhà kho chứa hàng của Maersk

Pictures of Maersk warehouse

Hình ảnh kệ chứa hàng trữ hàng nhà kho chứa hàng của Maersk

Pictures of Maersk warehouse

In 2019, the warehousing industry has a major change in automation due to the cross-border e-commerce industry and an increased demand for integrated supply chain solutions. The trend of competition in the e-commerce market focuses on last-mile delivery – where the main interaction with customers takes place. The demand for new generation warehouses for last-mile delivery has become ever higher. In addition, the first 6 months of 2020 with the Covid-19 epidemic changed domestic customers’ behavior, causing customers to join e-commerce sites to place orders, creating a big boom. on warehouse needs to store goods. Demand for warehouses and warehouses increases but land resources are always limited, forcing warehouse logistics businesses to have the most effective solutions for using warehouse space to store goods efficiently. The racking system – one of the leading storage solutions that businesses are choosing to store goods. Tin Dat JSC is proud to be the leading supplier of racks in Vietnam, we always give you the most suitable warehouse solutions for warehouses and goods of each business.
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