VNA rack incorporates the new Aisle-Master forklift solution

Dự án kệ VNA kết hợp giải pháp xe nâng mới Aisle-Master

Tin Dat JSC – has just completed the project of the VNA racking system. VNA racking system project has been put into operation and using the new narrow aisle lift solution – Aisle-Master.

VNA racking system projects

VNA racking system is always a pallet solution that is often used in industrial warehouses with the purpose of utilizing storage space. By narrowing the distance between aisles between two racks, the VNA racking system always gives us an effective space-saving solution. However, this type of racking system has higher investment costs than other types of shelves. Two issues are most noticeable when using this racking system that we need to note:

  • Specialized forklifts for narrow aisle warehouses
  • The required concrete floor surface

The size of the aisle (rack to rack) is very narrow, about 1750 – 2000 mm, so it is necessary to use specialized vehicles to move and pick up goods in the narrow aisle. Concrete floors must also be required to be smooth so that vehicles can move safely, avoiding the dangers in the warehouse. However, the strict requirements on concrete floors, and the type of forklifts leading to high costs, were difficult to build and operate. If carelessly operated, there will be dangerous risks in the warehouse.

To solve that problem, recently on the forklift market in Vietnam appeared a new type of forklift trucks – Aisle-Master, specialized forklifts that can move on rough terrain and require a technical ground. Not too high.

Combining new forklift solution with VNA racking system

Aisle-Master forklifts can move in a narrow 1.6m height 15m and work both indoors and outdoors, on rough terrain to help you reduce the risk of using conventional forklifts. often. This new forklift solution has just been put into use in VNA racking systems and shows the benefits of using the vehicle.

Refer to the transport image of this new forklift truck in the video below:

Tin Dat JSC always updates the development process of the world, providing you with not only a racking system but also an optimal process of your shelf operation. As the first VNA racking system project in Vietnam combined with this new type of forklift, we are always confident of giving you new solutions that are right for your racking usage.

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