Double-deep racking system

double-deep rack

Double-deep rack – a solution to increase your warehouse storage capacity, maximize storage space use the specialized pallet handling equipment (Double-deep reach truck)

The double-deep rack is the special racking created by placing two double-entry runs together to increase floor space used. This type of racking system has the ability to store homogeneous goods – homogeneous pallets such as food, consumer product, storage center, high- volume products. With a specialized racking system, double-deep rack not only withstands a heavy load but also optimization layout warehouse effectively by reducing aisles in warehouses.

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Double-deep layout

Double-deep layout

Structural double-deep raking system

Tin Dat JSC’s double-deep racking system design spectrum is based on FEM 10.2.02

thiết kế kệ double-deep

No Item No Item No Item
1 Upright 6 Wood pallet 11 Support no pallet
2 Bracing 7 Stopper pallet 12 Steel panel
3 Beam bar 8 Guide rails 13 Wire mesh
4 Support bar 9 Frame tie 14 Upright protector
5 Plywood 10 Support drum 15 Barrier

Technical specification metal storing

Technical specification storing beam, upright


Specification Width Depth Thickness Unit
TD-Omega 90 90 65 2.0 – 3.0 mm
TD-Omega 100 100 65/70 2.0 – 3.0 mm
TD-Omega 110 110 65/70/75 2.0 – 3.0 mm
TD-Omega 120 120 65/70/75/80 2.0 – 3.0 mm
TD-Omega 130 130 75/80/100 2.0 – 3.0 mm
TD-Omega 140 140 75/80/100 2.0 – 3.0 mm
TD-Omega 150 150 75/80/100 2.0 – 3.0 mm



Specification Width Depth Thickness Unit
TD-B 90*50 90 50 1.6 mm
TD-B 100*50 100 50 1.6 mm
TD-B 110*50 110 50 1.6 mm
TD-B 120*50 120 50 1.6 mm
TD-B 130*50 130 50 1.6 mm
TD-B 140*50 140 50 1.6 mm
TD-B 150*50 150 50 1.6 mm
TD-B 160*50 160 50 2.6 mm
TD-B 170*50 170 50 3.6 mm
TD-B 180*50 180 50 4.6 mm

This racking system helps you manage, storage heavy-load products and reducing aisles in warehouses so you can optimization space in a warehouse. Each double-deep racking system is designed to suit pallets with the specified size and weight. There are pallet standards that you can refer to:

standard pallet size

  • Pallet Euro (European Standard): W800 x D1200mm/ 3 pallets/ level.
  • Pallet Asia (Asia Standard): W1200 x D1000, or W1000 x D1200/ 2 pallets/ level.
  • Pallet Japan (Japan Standard): W1100 × D1100 mm/ 2 pallets/ level

The other sizes according to customers’ requirements.

Specific characteristics of double-deep racking system

  • Storage heavy-load product
  • Optimization space in a warehouse, reducing aisles in your warehouse
  • Easy to use
  • Reducing access to all pallet locations in the racking system. You should pay attention to the arrangement of goods, the items you received first are the items you’ve held longer and therefore closest to obsolescence.
  • Using special forklifts to take the pallets deep in the racks.

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In addition to The double-deep racking system, there are different types of racking system:

Depending on the types and sizes of goods you should buy the racking system that best suits your storage needs. To have the type of racking system suitable for your goods and optimize your layout warehouse, contact Tin Dat JSC for advice on design – construction and installation.

why should you choose to install the pallet racking system at Tin Dat JSC?

Established in 2007, Tin Dat JSC is a company providing not only a quality warehouse racking system but also an optimal a layout your warehouse

Tin Dat JSC always:

  • Respect for government
  • Respect for clients
  • Respect for employees
  • Respect for society

Therefore Tin Dat JSC always receives the trust of leading companies in Vietnam and the world ( DHL, DB-Schenker, FM logistics Vietnam, Lotte Logistics, Logis Valley Vietnam, Nippon Express Vietnam, Obayashi Corp Vietnam, VinataTaisei Vietnam, Shimizu Corp Vietnam…). Tin Dat JSC develops a relationship based on customer confidence. We are committed to not only meeting expectations but also more than expected.

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