Drive-in racking system

drive-in rack

The drive-in rack allow the forklifts to move between the racking system to the location of the pallet. The type of racking system consists of the support arms support the pallets. Using this racking system for the homogeneous product which is in high-volume. A drive-in racking system optimization maximum storage capacity when removing the aisles among this racking system.

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In a Drive-in racking system, loads items from the front to the back, the rack is loaded from the bottom to the top.

Structural drive-in racking system

Tin Dat JSC’s drive-in racking system design spectrum is based on FEM 10.2.07

No Item No Item No Item
1 Upright protector 5 Bracing 9 Top Beam
2 Barrier 6 Upright 10 Support arm
3 Frame tie 7 Top bracing 11 Guide rails
4 Beam bar 8 Top Pull 12 Pallet goods

Specific characteristics of drive-in racking system

  • Allow optimization of the warehouse space – up to 65- 70% greater pallet storage capacity than selective racking. Used for cool warehouse or cold storage warehouse, finished goods Warehousing of the food industry
  • The only type of pallet is used for the drive-in racking system

This racking system helps you manage, storage heavy-load product and reducing aisles in warehouses so you can optimization space in a warehouse. The drive-in racking system is designed to suit pallets with the specified size and weight. There is pallet standard that you can refer to:

Drive-in pallet

Drive-in racking commonly used Pallet Asia (According to Asian standard): W1200 x D1000, or W1000 x D1200/ 2 pallets/ level.

Other pallets: minimum length of 1150 x 800mm. If you want to use other types of pallets to store your products, you should contact Tin Dat JSC to have advice on this racking system.

Kệ drive-in trong kho lạnh - dự án Tín Đạt JSC

kệ chứa hàng drive-in ở nhà kho Satori

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Dự án kệ drive-in

In addition to the drive-in racking system, there are different types of racking system:

Depending on the types and sizes of goods you should buy the racking system that best suits your storage needs. To have the type of racking system suitable for your goods and optimize your layout warehouse, contact Tin Dat JSC for advice on design – construction and installation.

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