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Medium rack – The perfect solution to storage small and medium-weights products

Different from the other racking systems like the selective rack, VNA rack, Double-deep rack that are used to accommodate heavy-duty loads, medium rack is used to accommodate small and medium-weights loads. This type of rack is operated by humans (load and unload products by hand). Suitable for warehouses with many types of goods diverse in size and shape. Appropriate load between 300 – 1200kg/tier corresponding to racking length (beam bar) from 1000 to 3000 mm, the width of the floor design required.

  • The medium rack can be made from compound wood, rolled steel or mesh (according to the requirements of each type of product).
  • Suitable for building high-rise warehouse system with narrow aisles and automated handling equipment.

Structural medium racking system

Tin Dat JSC’s Medium racking system design spectrum is based on FEM 10.2.02

1 Upright 5 Back panel (tole) 9 Beam bar (Z)
2 Bracing 6 Plywood 10 Steel panel
3 Box (goods) 7 Divider
4 Back panel (mesh) 8 Beam bar (Box)
  • Box (goods)
Box chứa hàng hóa kệ medium
 Note: L: load width – P: Load deep – H: Load height

Specific characteristics of medium racking system

  • Load and unload products by hand or mobile ladder stand & platforms
  • Normal load: 300 – 1200 kg/tier
  • The surface of this rack is made from compound wood, rolled steel or mesh
  • Suitable for storage of small parts, carton
  • Storage many commodity categories
  • Steel-frame structures are easy to repair and assemble

Type racking system makes you manage, store your product with small and medium-weights loads more effectively.

The other sizes according to customers’ requirements.

In addition to selective racking system, there are different types of racking system:

Depending on the types and sizes of goods you should buy the racking system that best suits your storage needs. Note when choosing a storage system, you should pay attention to the type of forklift suitable for a load of goods and the design of the warehouse system.

To have the type of racking system suitable for your goods and optimize your layout warehouse, contact Tin Dat JSC for advice on design – construction and installation.


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