Selective rack

selective rack

The selective rack is a storage solution. The standard pallet or non-standard pallet (EU – ASIAN – JAPAN) is fit into this racking system. The type of storage allows FIFO, or First-In-First-Out, access and with 100% access to all pallet locations. Our selective racking systems are  (or reach truck) and may be used with any type of handling system.

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Structural Selective raking system

Tin Dat JSC’s selective racking system design spectrum is based on FEM 10.2.02

Kệ selective

No Item No Item No Item
1 Upright 5 Beam bar 9 Barrier
2 Traverses bracing 6 Connector 10 Wire mesh
3 Diagonls bracing 7 Upright protector 11 Steel panel
4 Foot plate 8 Support bar

Specific characteristics of selective racking system

  • The flexible design for storage goods
  • Exports and imports of controlled products with 100%
  • Optimization of the height of the warehouse
  • There is a solution for all types and sizes of pallet specifications and loads.
  • The compatible with all shapes and sizes of trucks

Selective rack is designed in accordance with size, load, and has the following pallet standards that you can refer to using:

  • Pallet Euro (European Standard): W800 x D1200mm/3 pallets/level.
  • Pallet Asia (Asia Standard): W1200 x D1000, or W1000 x D1200/ 2 pallets/ level.
  • Pallet Japan (Japan Standard): W1100 × D1100 mm/ 2 pallets/ level

Dự án kệ kho ở nhà kho Maersk Logistic Việt Nam

Selective rack project

Hàng hóa sắp xếp trên kệ

Selective rack project

Kệ kho hàng - khi nào cần sửa chữa và thay thế

Selective rack project

The other sizes according to customers’ requirements.

In addition to the selective racking system, there are different types of racking system:

Depending on the types and sizes of goods you should buy the racking system that best suits your storage needs. Note when choosing a storage system, you should pay attention to the type of forklift suitable for a load of goods and the design of the warehouse system.

To have the type of racking system suitable for your goods and optimize your layout warehouse, contact Tin Dat JSC for advice on design – construction and installation.

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