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VNA rack – Optimize warehouse capacity

This racking system has narrow aisles that will save storage space for products to the warehouse can storge more products. Usually, this type of rack to rack according to the standards is:

  • Rack to rack: 1750mm – used for forklifts from Japan
  • Rack to rack: 2000mm – used for forklifts from EU

Maximize the height of the VNA rack is up to 17,000 mm, to improve the efficiency of storage compared to the selective racking system.

Note: Because this type of racking system uses special forklifts to import / export products to the attention floor is built flat so the forklift can move easily and conveniently. Pallets used must be standard (max loading center 600mm).

Structural VNA system

Tin Dat JSC’s VNA racking system design spectrum is based on FEM 10.2.02

VNA rack

No Item No Item No Item
1 Upright 6 Wood pallet 11 Support no pallet
2 Bracing 7 Stopper pallet 12 Steel panel
3 Beam bar 8 Guide rails 13 Wire mesh
4 Support bar 9 Frame tie 14 Upright protector
5 Plywood 10 Support drum 15 Barrier

Specific characteristics of VNA racking system

The VNA racking system is used with the specialized forklift (High Rack Stackers)

  • Optimize warehouse capacity: forklifts reach heights of up to 17m, rack to rack from 1750mm to 2000 mm.
  • Reduce wasted storage space by using height.
  • Designed flexible, products on pallets can be managed by the FIFO method easily, controlled products with 100% on the racking system.

Note: If you choose the type of racking system, you should contact Tin Dat JSC to have the advisory about the flatness of the floor and type of lift truck.

The VNA racking is designed in accordance with size, load, and has the following Pallet standards that you can refer to using:

standard pallet

  • Pallet Euro (European Standard): W800 x D1200mm/ 3 pallets/ level.
  • Pallet Asia (Asia Standard): W1200 x D1000, or W1000 x D1200/ 2 pallets/ level.
  • Pallet Japan (Japan Standard): W1100 × D1100 mm/ 2 pallets/ level

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