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Why choosing a professional installation is a must for pallet racking?

The efficient warehouse organization

Storing products by racking system, you can organize, control, and monitor products in the warehouse

This system suits to store various types of goods

Can store products with many sizes, loads, shapes

Maximizing floor space utilization & increasing storage capacity

The layout of the racking system based on your warehouse space and products.

An effective warehouse cost reduction

You pay too much in investment fees of installing racking system but operating costs will be low


Each type of racking systems, there is structural and operational characteristics.

Basing on, you can choose the type suits to store various types of goods

selective rack

  • Low price – cost savings
  • Ability to store goods: 90-95%
  • Suits all types of forklifts

Double-deep rack

  • 60% floor space utilization
  • Match the same SKU code
  • Using special forklifts to take the pallets deep in the racks

VNA rack

  • Floor usage: 95%
  • Access to goods 100%
  • The forklifts must move well in narrow aisle

Drive-in rack

  • The ideal system for homogeneous products
  • Optimize space – Reduce the number of aisles between racks
  • Using the LIFO management method


  • Suitable for light and medium loads
  • Goods are handled by hand.
  • Flexible design, easy to install and dismantle

mezzanine floor rack

  • Suitable for light and medium loads
  • Goods are handled by hand.
  • Can install 2-3 floors

Are products with special shapes and properties suitable for storage?

A flexible racking system in design – suitable for the shape of all types of products

A type of racking suitable for all commodity characteristics

The surface is powder-coated to avoid environmental impact. Suitable for products sensitive to environmental factors (chemicals, food, …)

Sturdy steel construction, flexible design suitable for all conditions (cool store, cold store, … the area with seismic, storm and flood influence, strong winds)

Flexible design, easy to install, dismantle and move

It is possible to combine shelving rack with another racks

Specific storage projects – putting into operation of Tin Dat JSC

The clients of Tin Dat JSC

Established in 2007, Tin Dat is a supplier of racking system for manufacturing, trading and logistics services companies.

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Information consulting

With each warehouse, each type of goods you will have design drawings – separate racking system layout. To get the racking system drawings suitable for your warehouse, please contact Tin Dat JSC – we will give you a suitable warehouse solution.